First Etsy Sale!

I never thought I’d make money embroidering. Years ago, my dear friend E and I used to dream, when our children were toddlers, of opening an Etsy shop and supplementing our stay-at-home family income with beautiful creations. That was five years ago.

I started embroidering because it was something crafty that I could do with a toddler. Unlike knitting or crocheting or other needlework, embroidery doesn’t require that you remember what you were doing. After two or so years of sleeping no more than two hours at a time (no, I didn’t get a sleeper) I needed a hobby where I could be creative while being sleep deprived and interrupted every 5 minutes or so. So began my journey of embroidery.

Since then I have used embroidery as a stress relief technique and form of spirituality. I have researched the history of embroidery and the more I learn the more fascinated I am with this ancient and magical art. This winter was particularly stressful, particularly because my employment situation became very precarious. So I was stitching a lot.

A friend at my daughter’s school casually mentioned that maybe I could sell some, and I dismissed her, thinking that I wasn’t good enough (I’m no Mary Corbet or traditional Rusyn grandmother). However, when finances were getting less and less stable I decided I’d try just about anything. I went on Etsy and decided I would try, just put up a few things I had made and see where it got me.

And much to my surprise, within two weeks I got a custom order request! And so I’m in business and plan, with much learning, to make a go of turning one of my greatest passions, that nourishes me mentally, emotionally and spiritually into a financially beneficial endeavour as well.

I hope you come along for the journey and if you want to check out my shop you can find it here at Make Beauty Necessary.


With a stitch and a prayer



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